Throughout time and across cultures people have been seeking answers to the mysteries of life. These weavings are my desire to not need to seek answers, to not need to know, but to just live and enjoy life as it unfolds. 

Each weaving is handwoven using hand dyed churro wool from New Mexico. Each piece deals with a theme, often centering on the most enduring human questions we try to answer, but which are largely unanswerable. For each, I've compiled 20 "truths". I then ask each one of a magic 8 ball and record the answer. The pattern is a result of those positive, negative or neutral answers. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 8.38.18 PM.png


20 questions of a magic 8 ball of "truths" I've been told throughout my life. 


"Life is but a dream" > Very doubtful

"This too shall pass" > Without a doubt

"Know thyself" > You may rely on it